Aruba: Why invest in Aruba?

   Why Aruba?   

Aruba offers you tremendous benefits as the location for your business:

The stability and legal security of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
As a Member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Aruba is relying on its privileged legal and constitutional status as a Member of this major trading country within the European Union.

One of the highest GDP per capita in the region
Aruba has one of the highest GDP per capita and one of the highest standards of living in the Caribbean region. The GDP per capita for Aruba was estimated to be $24,400; among the highest in the Caribbean and the Americas. Aruba offers a very stable economy where to do your business.

Excellent Tourist Service Sector
Tourism is the most active sectors in the economy of Aruba. Tourism is responsible for 70% of Aruba’s GDP; which is one of the highest GDP in the region. This is clear proof of the Excellency of the tourist service sector in Aruba.

Highly educated, multi lingual & multi-cultural workforce
The workforce is highly educated and speaks several languages. Aruba has a varied culture. According to the Bureau Burgelijke Stand en Bevolkingsregister (BBSB), there are about ninety-two different nationalities living on the island

High quality of living: beautiful and safe environment, perfect weather
Aruba has a high quality of living is one of the safest island in the Caribbean.

Excellent infrastructure
Aruba has excellent roads, airports and ports in the Caribbean.

Good connectibility
Whereas aside of the current pre-clearance for the USA, in the near future pre-clearance for Europe will also be available.

Attractive fiscal tax incentives
Aruba has created an attractive package for investors and entrepreneurs wishing to all the opportunities Aruba offers to develop their business activities. Aruba offers 3 special Zones (Freezone Aruba, Green Zone and San Nicolas Zone). Furthermore, Aruba has also the ‘expat regeling’ for entrepreneurs that want to come and establish in Aruba.

Partnership of the Aruban Government
Aruba offers you not only a company location but it offers you a partnership in for example assistance with the development of the regional market through organization of regional trade missions.