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Aruba has a driven economy that offers many opportunities for investing ….
Aruba has long attracted investments for the tourism sector, which resulted in the creation of a world-renowned vacation destination and one of the highest GDP per capita in the Caribbean. Aruba’s economic policy fosters an open, market-driven economy, fuelled by an excellent service sector, one of the most educated workforces, and investment friendly environment.

Aruba is the perfect destination to start expanding your horizons …
Aruba ‘s opportunities are not limited to being a very attractive investment destination for any investor, Aruba also offers the perfect strategic location to channel your business into the Caribbean, Latin America or Europe. Aruba can hence function as your showcase or as a hub for your business activities in the Latin America and Caribbean region. Aruba offers a safe and stable investing & working environment which can function as a gateway to the Americas, and the Caribbean. One of Aruba’s many strengths is its highly educated and multilingual workforce, which is exceptionally service-oriented.

In short, Aruba offers an excellent opportunity as:

  • Meeting place: Aruba is an ideal location for companies to meet one another to do business, since it is easy accessible
  • Stepping stone: by using Aruba as a central hub, as your centrally located regional office, your company will be able to serve the Latin American and the Caribbean market in a much more efficient manner.
  • Showcase: by developing operational projects in Aruba, your company can use these projects as a showcase to sell technology to Latin American and Caribbean markets.
  • Knowledge hub: Aruba is developing into a unique niche market of sustainability, thus offering opportunity to export Aruba’s expertise in this field as well.

Next steps: Contact Arina to explore this tremendous opportunity …
Aruba Investment Agency, Arina, is the first and main point of contact for all Foreign Direct Investments in Aruba. Arina was established under the Ministry of Economic Affairs in order to facilitate you in establishing a business in Aruba, or to use Aruba as a gateway to enter new markets. We will provide you with information on Aruba, introduce you to important contacts, assists with government procedures, in short, all that you need to start up your business.

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