Aruba: Key sectors

   Key sectors Aruba   

Aruba is positioned to become a gateway between the Latin America, the Caribbean, the United States, and the European markets. This position of Aruba offers many opportunities in several sectors.

Top sectors for investing in Aruba are:
Sustainable Energy
Knowledge Economy
Sustainable Tourism
Financial & Business Integration

Sustainable Energy:
One of the opportunities Aruba offers is to use Aruba as a gateway between Europe and Latin America in the field of technology. The main focus for Aruba in this sector is in the area of sustainability (clean technology). Aruba offers a platform (“infrastructure”) for sustainable technology, which brings together investors, issuers, companies, non-profit organizations and people in the area of sustainable technology. Aruba will position itself as the center of knowledge and professional services in the area of sustainability (clean technology). The Green Aruba Conference is a good example of this platform for sustainability; it is a yearly event that attracts all players in the sustainable field and has branded Aruba as a frontrunner in this field.

Knowledge Economy:
Another important ambition of Aruba is the development of their Knowledge Economy as one of the main economic pillars. An economy based on Creating, Evaluating and Trading Knowledge between Latin America, Europe and the Caribbean. By making use of its proximity to Latin America, high service level(based on their tourism industry) and its knowledge of not only the language (Arubans speak Spanish in addition to Dutch, English and Papiamento) but of business practices and customs in the region.


Sustainable Tourism:
has been identified as one of the opportunities for Aruba. Aruba is not only looking at the traditional tourism industry which is mainly focused on attracting tourists to the island, but also at the export of the knowledge and expertise that Aruba has acquired over the last decades with regard to tourism.

The central theme, the “catalyst” in the top sectors is “sustainability and smart growth”. Aruba strives to create and grow an environment for innovation–based companies by attracting companies aiming to partner with Aruba in its effort to become the bridge to expand their business.

The government of Aruba has created an attractive package for investors and entrepreneurs wishing to benefit from this tremendous opportunity that Aruba is offering. Aruban government policy supports investments to further promote economic diversification and enhance the quality of life and tax incentives. Three special zones (being the Aruba Free Zone, The Green Zone, and The San Nicolas Special zone ) are available along with a pro-business environment.

Within this area the goal for Aruba is to become the stopover and redistribution point for highly specialized internationally traded goods. The opportunities identified in this area are:
• Establishment of Latin American based manufacturers
• Re-packaging,
• Storage,
• Redistribution Centre,
• Maintenance and operations.
• Training

Financial & Business Integration:
is a focus top sector of Aruba in which Aruba is aiming at connecting European and Latin American businesses through unique advantages Aruba offers such as its excellent infrastructure & connectivity; transparency and stability of its political system, laws and regulations, financial system.