Experts advise Bonaire on tourism


Representative Abraham recently gave the green light for the development of a ‘Strategical Tourism Plan Bonaire’. On 25th April 2016 various experts, invited by TCB Director Maurce Adriaens and Project Manager Mr Burney el Hage, participated in an important brain-storm session. Based on these results as well as input from the local stakeholders, the plan will be further developed in the coming months. Besides sustainable growth with respect for nature and culture and further development of the tourism sector, Mr Abraham expressed the wish to secure the general well-being and prosperity of Bonaireans and local companies in the plans. “The plan will contribute to the development of a solid positive reputation of Bonaire as an international top destination for divers, windsurfers, leisure tourists and cruise passengers” says Mr Maurice Adriaens.

Organisations involved include the WUR, NHTV, Hogere Hotelschool Den Haag, VVV Texel, Villa XL, Green Deals, RVO, Erasmus University, InHolland, CBS, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. Advisor to Mr Abraham, M Delno Tromp, also  actively participated in the sessions.