Joint venture University of Aruba


Joint venture Caribbean Branch TNO, Arizona State University and University of Aruba: another example of Aruba as an “Island of sustainable solutions”

news_joint_ventureCaribbean Branch TNO (CBOT) and the Arizona State University (ASU) have expanded their cooperation with the University of Aruba (UA). This joint venture started the Aruba Summer School, with a program called “Aruba Sustainable Islands Solutions”.

Students in the level of Bachelors and Masters of ASU and of University of West Indies just initiated their course at the Aruba Summer School. This program gives the students the opportunity to learn and reflex about sustainability of an island. Reflection – giving meaning to prior experiences and determining how that meaning will guide future actions – has long been recognized as important in higher education and will be an important part of this program. The student will get real cases in the area of sustainability and they will reflect on their experiences in the area of sustainability; especially to reflect on the objectives of renewable energy on the island of Aruba.